Christiane,F. – We Children from Bahnhof Zoo (1981)

By Michelle

In the film Christiane F, it talks about how a 13 year old girl called Christiane who wants to fit into the social group has turned into a heroin addict and a sex worker. She lives with her mother and sister in a multi- story concrete housing estate in the outskirts of West Berlin where social problems are prevalent. For Christiane, life is bored and grim until she discovers a new disco called ‘The Sound’. It was opened in the city center in which it has the most modern equipment. Having been fascinated by it, she asks a friend to bring her in even though she knows it is illegal. In the disco, she met Detlef who is in a clique and is familiar with various drugs.  Christiana starts to take pills and LSD. As she meets more and more people and becomes Detlef’s girlfriend, she starts taking heroin as well. At the same time, she becomes a sex worker at the train station in return for drugs.

A close up shot of Christiane with an internal monologue “Piss and shit all over the place….They will shit themselves waiting for the life, so they go in the lobby” begins the movie. All these negative thoughts reveal how much she hates her life in Berlin.  It also projects an idea that she cannot speak her mind and escape from this misery. Uncertainty of her life and future is also another element that has brought out in that scene.  Thus, when the movie goes on it shows us how Christiane has entered the point of no return.

 CF1 CF2

This film is a documentary which vividly portrays the urban crisis in Berlin in the 1970s. Child prostitution and drug abuse among teenagers are the utmost highlighting issues. Dark images and atmospheres are created throughout the whole movie to depict a bleak and dull neighborhood.  This chaotic story has revealed how depressing the city was and how it has lost the soul.

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